iCOPE the first year

The first two project periods are now over and iCOPEs very first project year has passed by.We are now looking back at a year filled with new faces, jobs and tasks for all of us. We just finalises the first project rapport for Interreg, and our collaboration with Mobilize for external evaluation has been a success. Thank you for your input.

We had a lot of plans this spring and summer to meet up for Project Meetings, Advisory Board Seminars and more YOUNG Researcher Meetups and we are looking forward to resume our plans and meet you all in person as soon as possible, but first let’s have a look at the year that has passed..

Our iCOPE YOUNG Researcher group had a great start up meeting last summer with a workshop where everyone could present plans and hopes for their research projects, and with a lovely afternoon with drinks and social networking across Öresund. When we met  this winter, we had a new focus for the group. The YOUNG Researchers had expressed a wish for more tools to present their work in new and more interesting ways, especially in quantitative studies, so we hosted a really fun and giving Impro Theatre Workshop at Skånes Universitetssjukhus. This was coached by Søren Mingon, who has coached several professional groups to become better at delivering presentations. Søren let the YOUNG researchers explore tools to be more present and how to include themselves in the presentations. Søren was great to work with the researchers and had a sense of what to look for, to get to the place where they could take the stage and draw the audience.

We are very much looking forward to the next iCOPE YOUNG Researcher Meetup after the summer and have a lot of ideas for you. You are very welcome to send us a mail if you have any wishes.

Now for the Project Meetings, we had three this year. First Project Meeting was hosted by Rigshospitalet at the IDA Conference, the second was hosted by Lund University at Skånes Universitetssjukhus and last was hosted by Danmarks Tekniske Universitet. It was inspiringto visit all our partners in iCOPE and explore our different institutes and workplaces. Theese were all great Project Meetings and we all learned a lot about the size and background of the iCOPE project, about all the different and exiting researching projects in iCOPE and about our wonderful network and special collaboration across Öresund. At the meetings we also had a chance to understand the economic background, the opportunities for funding and the responsibilities assigned to iCOPE.

We are also looking forward to gathering you all again for the next Project Meeting and hope that in the meantime you will update yourself and each other for news in iCOPE.

For our Advisory Board Seminar, we had a very fruitful seminar with Prof. Stefan Pfister the 27th of February at Clarion Kastrup. The format of the meeting worked very well where five selected researchers and PhDs held five-minutes presentations of their research that included questions or problems they wanted to get feedback on. The discussions took up the main part of the seminar and prof Pfister could give input on a wide variety of topics. All in all, the 27th of February was a very inspiring day and we thank prof Pfister for his dedication.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the larger Advisory Board meetings due to the Covid-19 situation. We will do our best to give the other iCOPE researchers the chance to get feedback on their projects at the next Advisory Board Meeting –  hopefully already this fall.

For the next project period we are already looking forward to some gathering after all.