Moduler och datum för ledarskapsprogram

Times for the modules, except M5+M9, at 9.30-17.00 o’clock

Module 1: My personal leadership and leading with trust
Date 27-28 August, Gården Milgårdarna, Rommeleåsen outside Lund
Separate invitation with agenda will be sent out latest June 23.

Module 2: Pitch my research
Date 15 September, Malmö/Lund area

Module 3: Leading oneself strategically and relationally
Date 6 October, Malmö/Lund area

Module 4: Leading diversity and gender in academia
Date 17 November, Malmö/Lund area

Module 5: Virtual trio-coaching
On a virtual platform.
30 Nov kl. 9-12 Anna, Rikke, Signe
7 Dec kl 9-12 Karin, Hanne, Kathrine
8 Dec kl. 9-12 Matilda, Linda, Charlotte
8 Dec 13-16 Jane, Helena, Ulrikka

Module 6: Sustainable leadership in academia
Date 14 January 2021, Copenhagen area

Module 7: Recruiting and leading teams
Date 2 February 2021, Copenhagen area

Module 8: Networking in academia
Date 2 March 2021, Copenhagen area

Module 9: Virtual trio-coaching
Date 8 & 9 April 2021, Copenhagen area
The exact times (3 hrs one of the 2 days) 2Bdecided with each smaller group at the start of the program.

Module 10: My learning and next step * Diploma
Date 6 May 2021, Copenhagen area